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California Office of Digital Innovation

The Office of Digital Innovation (ODI) partners with state departments to improve government services. Our vision is to create programs that put Californians first. We use people-centered design to discover technological innovation that serves Californians’ needs. We see a California that is equitable, efficient, and data-inspired.

Careers at ODI

We’re looking for great people to join our team.

What we do

Learn about ODI’s vision and where we’re headed.

Our projects

Discover how ODI has improved the digital experience for Californians.

What we do

We focus on creating and delivering lasting change, not quick fixes. Our approach starts by understanding what Californians need and how their needs are being met. We work with state departments to reimagine the processes, policies, and technology systems that problems are rooted in. Read more on our blog.

Create solutions

Build intuitive digital solutions (like websites, data systems, and APIs) that make it easier to access state services.

More accessibility

Redesign how the state provides information, so all Californians can use it, understand it, and get the resources they need.

Prototype services

Envision solutions that anticipate Californians’ needs and get them help quickly and easily.

Raise empathy

Gather and share data about Californians’ needs and challenges. Use these insights to improve programs and policy.

Improve equity

Identify and end inequity, exclusion, and bias in state program requirements, policies, and technical systems.

Build capacity

Equip state workers with training and tools to understand people’s needs and create better services.

Drive efficiencies

Streamline state processes by eliminating redundancy, automating steps, and reducing paper-to-digital transfer.

Frame priorities

Focus leaders’ attention on issues and problems that matter most to Californians and recommend solutions.

Safeguard rights

Encourage data portability, collaboration, and transparency while protecting Californians’ security and privacy.

ODI projects

Large-and small-scale change are both essential to improving how state government serves Californians. Our work reflects this.

Designing with people

We used user research, content design, and accessible technology on to focus on people’s needs. Here’s one example of how we made digital services easier to use.

Creating content design standards

Drawing on lessons learned, we created content design principles. They empower departments to focus on user needs and meet Californians where they are.

Equity in data

We’re setting a new standard for how government makes data available. We put accessibility and speed first. This is a critical step toward increasing equity.

Anticipating needs

We improved the search tool by showing quick answer content. This anticipated users’ needs by showing them relevant info with one click.

Pioneering accessibility

We’re using high and low-tech methods to create a new standard of accessibility.

People research

We ask Californians directly about their needs, challenges, and expectations. This fosters a culture of data-driven decision making.

Careers at ODI

We’re looking for creative and inspired people who want to make state government more accessible and effective for all Californians. We’re currently recruiting for:

Equal Employment Officer (open through January 7, 2022)

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Who we are

We hire and develop staff with blended backgrounds in tech, design, data, policy, strategy, and research. Our team comes from the public and private sector. We understand the intricacies of government services and programs. We bring empathy, curiosity, data, technology, and a host of other tools to identifying and solving problems.


California needs you

If you’re interested in building solutions to help solve problems like COVID-19 vaccine distribution, homelessness, or any of the many issues facing California today:

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