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Done/doing (Week of Jan. 27)

A phiti of a sticky note with details on the Alpha Team's current sprint.

Done/doing is a recap of what we’ve done this week and what we have in our sprint plan for the week ahead. This post covers the week of January 27-February 2.


  • Took a field research trip to a fire-impacted town where we brainstormed with a group of highschoolers to inspire future designs around disaster preparedness and recovery. We also met with a local elected and business owner.
  • Researched drinking water safety and the application process for unemployment insurance.
  • Met with the good folks at the Franchise Tax Board to learn about quarterly taxes and their UX practice.
  • Documented and shipped new API endpoints to retrieve food banks, CHP Incidents, Full Road closures by location. These are viewable here.
  • Prototyped a transaction landing page to apply online for a discounted phone service. Check out the GitHub issue.
  • Published the web components we use in our design system to npm. Check out our accordion component here.
  • Improved our road conditions prototype that lets you enter a destination and returns all known issues on your route. Check out the GitHub issue.
  • Fixed some build issues with our GitHub action that allows us to automatically build and publish this blog to our github pages powered site when content is updated.
  • Added google sheets translation formula to provide initial machine translations of our content (thanks Twitter user @nsylianteng!)
  • Streamlined the core ceremonies (stand-ups, retrospectives, and sprint planning) to improve overall communications within the Team, particularly for our remote colleagues.


  • Synthesizing stories and insights from our field research
  • Scraping additional data sources to augment our food bank data
  • Continue user testing the road conditions prototype and the application process for disability insurance
  • Researching emergency preparedness, debris removal, emergency alerts, burned car removal, and the emergency recovery process
  • User stories on disability insurance and Cal Grants are being promoted from user testing prototypes to the live site
  • Working with water system boundary areas and water testing data to create APIs and prototype user stories
  • Continuing research to find contact information for new user story to help people connect with state agencies and departments. Check out our GitHub issue.

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